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The 13 House Guests

The 13 House Guests
OMG---Jessie is back!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big Brother 11 USA New Commercial Starts July 9 2009

Good news, Big Brother fans (and for those of you who scoff at the show but watch anyway)!

Big Brother 11 will premiere Thursday, July 8 at 8 pm/ET on CBS, the network announced. Beginning July 12, the show will air three nights a week — Sundays at 8 pm, Tuesdays at 9 pm and Thursdays at 8 pm.

Julie Chen — baby bump and all — will return as the host of the weekly eviction shows.

The guiltiest of guilty pleasures features contestants who live in a camera-rigged house and have their lives taped 24 hours a day as they compete against, yell at and occasionally sleep with one another on their way toward winning $500,000.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Big Brother 11 House Going Green?

It’s the newest craze that’s suddenly taking over and it’s been around for so long… the movement of going green. It’s no longer just “hippies” who are concerned with the state of the environment and the impact of what we do on the environment.

Big Brother fans are undoubtedly aware of the twists that each new season presents… this just happens to be a new twist. According to the website Online Big Brother, the notorious house will be heading for a new direction. The eleventh installment of the hit show will reportedly go green. reports:

“Over the weekend, the media was allowed to visit the set of the CBS series and check out what a typical day was like in the house. Unfortunately for them (and for the fans), the Media Blackout is in effect until June 29. Even so, it’s always fun to check out what rumors are plaguing Big Brother.Though the environment-friendly theme of this season remains to be mere speculation, there’s still some truth behind it. A recent interview with Big Brother’s executive producer Allison Grodner revealed what to expect come July.

“The house is gorgeous. It’s a modern house this season, and we’re going green. Eco-friendly,” she said on the John Jay & Rich Show. She’s also confirmed that it’s been finalized, along with the members of the cast.

There has also been a number of Big Brother 11buzz released about the details of the house, and with Grodner’s statement they seem highly believable. The site reported that going along with the theme is everything else.

It’s been said that the pillows will be made of hemp, the kitchen area looks like a forest and the colorful walls will be fiber-optic textured. There will also be a huge tank filled with fish in one corner of the house and an eco-fountain in the backyard. There’ll be motion-censored showers and sinks, but there won’t be a washer for the clothes. Could it be that they’re giving the houseguests recyclable fashion?”

Can’t wait to see when the show airs early July!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds will begin no later than July 9 2009

For those of you planning ahead for Big Brother 11 and the live feeds, here is what you need to know based on previous seasons.

The Big Brother 11 House Guests (HGs) will be placed in the house most likely over the 4th of July weekend. At that point filming will begin to be aired over the first few shows. The actual feeds will not go live until Thursday night after the show airs on the West coast - midnight on the East coast. At least that is how it has been done lately - ya can never say wth 100% certainty.

So those that are Big Brother addicts like me, you have less than 30 days to enjoy your summer and then you will be glued to your computer as we meet the new house guests and watch yet another season of ‘Reality.’

Oh and currently the CBS site is showing 12 blank spots for HGs - but that may or may not be the final number of couse.

Big Brother 11 update (June 4 2009)

Here is most of the ‘important stuff’ about the upcoming season of Big Brother:

  • Mark your calendar - Thursday, July 9th - thats when the show kicks off. Then Sundays and Tuesday nights as well until September. 8-9 Sundays and Thursdays, 9-10pm Tuesdays.
  • There will be NO House Calls this season - apparently they could not secure sponsorship for the 5 day a week internet show so sorry to those that checked it out. Honestly you didn’t ever learn much about in the house stuff since they would usually only discuss things already shown on TV.
  • The casting is over - now we just wait for the HGs to be dumped in the house - most likely 5-6 days before the premiere episode.
  • Big Brother After Dark (Showtime) will be on again. If you have Showtime it sometimes was worth checking out - I tried it the 1st season and haven’t had it since. I find the live feeds are plenty to keep me occupied.

More updates as I hear things!!

New Commercial Big Brother 11 starting July 9 2009 8pm EST on CBS

The official CBS Big Brother Facebook page confirmed the news today that the official start date for Big Brother 11 will be on Thursday July 9,2009 at 8pm eastern time. Then, the show will air three nights a week starting on Sunday July 12,2009 at 8pm eastern time. It will air on Sundays,Tuesdays,and then on Thursdays with the Live eviction show hosted by a this year, pregnant Julie Chen.