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The 13 House Guests

The 13 House Guests
OMG---Jessie is back!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big Brother 11 update (June 4 2009)

Here is most of the ‘important stuff’ about the upcoming season of Big Brother:

  • Mark your calendar - Thursday, July 9th - thats when the show kicks off. Then Sundays and Tuesday nights as well until September. 8-9 Sundays and Thursdays, 9-10pm Tuesdays.
  • There will be NO House Calls this season - apparently they could not secure sponsorship for the 5 day a week internet show so sorry to those that checked it out. Honestly you didn’t ever learn much about in the house stuff since they would usually only discuss things already shown on TV.
  • The casting is over - now we just wait for the HGs to be dumped in the house - most likely 5-6 days before the premiere episode.
  • Big Brother After Dark (Showtime) will be on again. If you have Showtime it sometimes was worth checking out - I tried it the 1st season and haven’t had it since. I find the live feeds are plenty to keep me occupied.

More updates as I hear things!!

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